Team Cone celebrates 34 years in the beer industry

May 20, 2019

Team Cone is proud to celebrate 34 years of selling World Class products from the best in the business. 

On May 20th, 1985, a bright-eyed Doug Cone opened Cone Distributing, Inc. for the first time and began selling five beers in four counties of rural Florida.

With the help of his family, Cone had purchased the assets of an existing distributor and opened the doors of the facility at 500 Northwest 27th Avenue in Ocala as Cone Distributing, Inc.  With hard work and dedication, Cone Distributing began growing into the business it is today.  Team Cone has purchased distribution territory and has been awarded selling rights from breweries across the world. To accommodate a growing team and territory, Cone Distributing built a 160,000 square-foot warehouse in Ocala in 2011. From small roots to now serving almost a third of the counties in Florida, Cone Distributing’s trucks and cars can be seen all around those same counties and in front of the fine establishments of the customers they serve.

Although Cone Distributing, known to many as Team Cone, now sells beer, energy drinks, soda, fermented spirits, and distilled spirits from over 40 suppliers in 22 counties, the company is proud to maintain and uphold the Core Values it always has. The values that drive the organization can be seen in many facets of the operation – from excellence in serving customers to giving back to the community it serves. Team Cone would not have grown and continue to grow without World Class people and products in the market every day.

Team Cone thanks the teammates that have helped grow the business and customers that continue to look to Team Cone for World Class products and service – for the last 34 years and onward into the future.


Vintage beer truck with Mr. Cone

Team Cone founder, Douglas P. Cone, in front of beer truck circa 1985.

Team Cone trucks, circa 1985

Team Cone truck with kegs

While the trucks and the beers have changed a little over time, Team Cone’s commitment to excellence remains the same.