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Discover a fulfilling new career path with Cone Distributing, a leader in Florida’s beverage distribution industry since 1985. Based in Ocala, with a second warehouse in Tallahassee, we’re a family-owned company committed to excellence. More than a distributor, we’re a team that builds our company culture with care. We are Team Cone.

Team Cone warehouse jobs kickstart your career and open doors for growth within the beer industry. Working at our warehouses is a gateway into the fast-paced, dynamic world of the beer distribution industry. If you’re passionate about beer, eager to join the beverage industry, or looking for a job that makes a difference, consider a warehouse position at Team Cone. Discover warehouse jobs in Florida with Team Cone, where our commitment to core values shapes a culture of teamwork, excellence, and community.

Explore Warehouse Jobs in Florida at Cone Distributing

Team Cone Worker in Warehouse
At Cone Distributing, we’re proud to offer rewarding warehouse jobs in Florida, with state-of-the-art facilities located in Ocala and Tallahassee. As a key player in the beer industry, we’re not just offering a job; we’re providing a career in a thriving and dynamic sector. Our warehouse positions are the backbone of our operations. Potential employees will learn how to select merchandise and build stable product pallets to make sure our beverages safely are delivered to the right customers.

To join our team, you must be able to lift 25-30 pounds repetitively and able to successfully pass drug and background screenings. Most of our employees have started their careers with Team Cone in an entry-level warehouse position. Many of our warehouse employees become merchandisers or drivers and even advance to our sales team. There are also opportunities for growth within our warehouses as team supervisors and managers. Our warehouse positions are not just about logistics and operations but about becoming part of a family that champions growth and success in the beer distribution industry.

Why Team Cone? Benefits of Our Warehouse Jobs

We inspire extraordinary loyalty among our employees. 33% of them have been with us for more than 20 years. Our warehouse positions are highly sought after because of our positive work culture and career satisfaction. Our company is one of the best places to work in Florida because we foster a supportive and rewarding environment.

Find out why we’re ranked as one of Florida’s top employers

Competitive Pay and Benefits

At Cone Distributing, our warehouse jobs in Florida stand out with competitive pay, great benefits, and a dynamic beer industry environment. We reward our team with more than just accomplishment; we provide real benefits for their hard work. Our salaries are competitively designed to make employees feel valued and motivated. Beyond salaries, we offer health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. These benefits ensure our team’s well-being and financial security, making a career with us rewarding. Join us and see how we value our employees, providing a strong base for growth.

Entry Level Order Selectors

  • Start at $15 per hour, plus pay for performance with no warehouse experience.
  • $16 per hour with experience.
  • 45 to 50-hour work week with paid overtime.
  • All order selectors are eligible for case-per-hour incentives.
  • 3rd shift order selectors are eligible for shift differential bonuses monthly.

A Culture of Safety and Efficiency

We uphold a culture of safety and efficiency at our warehouses in Tallahassee and Ocala, FL. This is crucial for our team’s well-being and our performance as a leading beverage distributor. Our warehouse positions demand speed, accuracy, and attention to detail. Prioritizing safety protects our entire team, making our warehouse positions and other beverage distributor jobs secure and rewarding.

Opportunities for Growth and Advancement

Our warehouse jobs serve as gateways to diverse career paths, from entry-level roles to positions in merchandising, driving, sales, or warehouse management. We strongly emphasize internal growth, having celebrated over 150 promotions in the past two years. Starting in the warehouse, many team members progress to roles such as merchandisers, drivers, and salespeople, with clear opportunities to advance to supervisory or managerial positions.

Find Your Fit in Team Come:
Warehouse Jobs in Florida

Ocala Warehouse Jobs

Our Ocala warehouse jobs are conveniently located in north central Florida, a region celebrated for its small-town culture. Positioned conveniently off HWY 27 near I-75 in northwest Ocala, our warehouse has multiple employment opportunities, including forklift driver jobs, selector, supervisor, and manager positions. Ocala is more than just a place to work; it’s a fantastic place to live, rich in outdoor activities and community spirit. These positions in central Florida offer a prime opportunity for individuals to pursue fulfilling careers within the beer industry.

Warehouse Jobs in Tallahassee, Florida

Our warehouse jobs in Tallahassee, Florida, are a cornerstone of the vibrant beer industry. We offer a variety of roles, including forklift drivers, supervisors, and managers. Situated northwest of the city, just off Tharpe Street near FL-263 and Capital Circle Road, our Tallahassee warehouse offers career opportunities in beer distribution. As Florida’s capital, Tallahassee is brimming with culture, education, and political activity, making it an exciting place to live and work. By joining our team, you’ll have a fulfilling career in the beer industry.

Hear From Our Team

Testimonials: The Warehouse Experience

Learn what it’s like to work with us directly from our current employees and see why Team Cone is one of the best companies in Florida to work for.

Day-to-Day in Our Florida Warehouses

The beverage distribution industry is demanding, and our warehouses are in a fast-paced environment. Our warehouse positions, particularly those involving selectors, focus on picking products with precision and care. Our warehouse employees are tasked with repetitively lifting and organizing our large beverage inventory. This hands-on work demands physical strength, attention to detail, and the ability to maintain pace and accuracy under pressure.

Warehouse Jobs in Central Florida

Warehouse Forklift Drivers

A Warehouse Forklift Driver’s job involves the skillful operation of a forklift to move and organize our extensive beverage inventory within the warehouse. These professionals are responsible for efficiently transporting and lifting pallets of products to designated areas.

Warehouse Order Selectors

Warehouse Selectors are pivotal in distributing our beverages. They are tasked with accurately pulling products to guarantee that trucks are loaded promptly, ensuring drivers can begin their routes. They also use pallet jacks and forklifts to move and organize inventory. This beer job is an essential entry-level position within our warehouses.

Warehouse Supervisor & Manager Jobs

Our Warehouse Supervisor and Manager jobs are crucial roles. These supervisors oversee and manage staffing for other warehouse positions, so everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Their top priority is to enforce safety rules and regulations, guaranteeing a secure working environment for all employees.

Join Team Cone’s Warehouse Crew

If you’re looking for warehouse jobs in Florida, join our team! At Team Cone your growth is our commitment. Seize the opportunity to become an integral part of a company that values hard work, dedication, and a sense of community. Apply now and help us continue to deliver excellence across the Sunshine State. Don’t just find a job—find a future with Team Cone.