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Our Commitment
To Community

At Team Cone, we believe in making a meaningful impact on the communities we serve. Our commitment to community contribution is guided by our core values and genuine passion for making a positive difference. Giving back is an intrinsic part of who we are, and helping others is not just something we check off a list. We strongly believe in doing good, and this includes both our incredible teammates but also the vibrant communities we are proud to be a part of.

Our approach to philanthropy is led and anchored by our heartfelt commitment to our core values. These values have shaped our guiding principles:

  • We genuinely support one another.
  • We prioritize our families.
  • We care about our communities.
  • We contribute positively to the lives of others.

These principles are fundamental to our identity. They guide our actions, inspire our efforts, and propel us to effect positive change. Our dedication goes beyond financial support; we team up with groups and organizations that bring light and hope when times are tough. Together, we work to improve the lives and happiness of the people we help, building a stronger and more united community.

To Our Community

We are Team Cone & We Care

Kut Different

One Heart, One Mind, One Community.

Team Cone supports Kut Different in their mission to empower young men to realize their potential and own their greatness. Through mentorship and development programs, Kut Different helps these future leaders harness their talents and assert authority over their lives.


Help Solve the Homeless Pet Problem

Team Cone is proud to support VOCAL’s Community Clinic & Resource Center, dedicated to keeping pets in loving homes by offering essential services like spay/neuter, vaccine clinics, and specialty surgeries. VOCAL provides crucial support to pet owners facing financial challenges, ensuring pets receive the care they need.

Kimberly’s Center for Child Protection

Help, Hope, and Healing for children impacted by abuse and neglect.

Team Cone proudly supports Kimberly’s Center for Child Protection in Marion County, a vital resource providing investigative support, medical care, and therapy for children affected by abuse and neglect. We are committed to aiding in their crucial mission of healing and protection.

The Fostering Foundation

Establishing A Strong Foundation For Children In Foster Care

Team Cone proudly supports The Fostering Foundation, an organization driven by the belief that everyone has intrinsic value and a role in solving the foster care crisis. By engaging local churches and communities, The Fostering Foundation ensures that foster families receive comprehensive support, helping them thrive as a unit and enriching the entire community.

Second Harvest Food Bank Logo

Second Harvest Food Bank

Fueling hope and ending hunger through community generosity

Second Harvest Food Bank

Team Cone is proud to support Second Harvest Food Bank of the Big Bend, an organization dedicated to combating hunger and engaging the community. Last year alone, Second Harvest distributed enough food for 81 million meals, supporting food pantries, shelters, and various other programs.

HIS Compassion Food Bank Logo

HIS Compassion Food Bank

Working to feed communities across seven counties.

HIS Compassion Food Bank (HIS Compassion, Inc.)

Team Cone is honored to support His Compassion Food Bank, a devoted organization tirelessly working to feed communities across seven counties. His Compassion ensures safe delivery of over 21 million pounds of food annually. Their mission is to empower and provide for those in need through partnerships with local entities, reflecting God’s mission of service and care.

Give 4 Marion Logo

Give 4 Marion

Help improve our community—one passion at a time.

Give 4 Marion

Team Cone is excited to support Give4Marion, a transformative 33-hour giving campaign dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Marion County, Florida. By raising funds and awareness, Give4Marion empowers local nonprofits to make a significant impact.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace Logo

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Helping Children in Need Sleep Better

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Team Cone is committed to supporting Sleep in Heavenly Peace, a national charity dedicated to ensuring no child sleeps on the floor. This remarkable organization mobilizes volunteers to build, assemble, and deliver quality bunk beds to children and families in need across the U.S. By aiding their mission, we help provide the physical, emotional, and mental support that every child deserves for a good night’s sleep.

Toys for Tots Logo

Toys for Tots

Spreading joy and hope one toy at a time.

Toys for Tots

Team Cone is honored to support the Toys for Tots program to bring joy and hope to children across America during Christmas and beyond. By distributing new toys and books, Toys for Tots not only delivers smiles but also a powerful message of hope to underprivileged children.

We warmly invite you to delve deeper into Team Cone’s charitable initiatives and discover the numerous ways we strive to make a positive difference in our communities. Our dedication to caring, service, and philanthropy is not just about what we do—it’s about who we are and the impact we aim to achieve together.

Whether you’re interested in learning more about our efforts, participating in upcoming events, or contributing to our future philanthropic projects, there’s a place for you in this journey. Your involvement, whether through time, resources, or spreading the word, can significantly amplify our collective ability to support and uplift those in need.

Join Team Cone in creating a lasting impact. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to discover ways to contribute to our mission of giving back with care and compassion. Together, we can continue to build a stronger, more connected community that thrives on kindness, support, and mutual respect. Your participation matters, and we look forward to welcoming you into our extended family of change-makers.

Charitable Requests

At Team Cone, our commitment to community is at the heart of everything we do. We’re dedicated to fostering positive change and supporting the vital work of organizations within our community. We truly value the efforts made to improve our community and are eager to explore how we can contribute to your impactful initiatives.

Our philosophy of “Giving Back with Care” reflects our desire to assist as many worthwhile causes as possible. If your cause is seeking support, we invite you to submit a request form. While our resources are finite, our commitment to making a meaningful difference is boundless. We thoughtfully review each request, aiming to support initiatives that align with our mission to enhance community well-being.

We appreciate your understanding that, due to budgetary planning and resource allocation, we prioritize causes that closely align with our corporate giving principles. Team Cone plans its charitable contributions at the start of each year, striving to remain adaptable to the evolving needs of our community.

Thank you for considering Team Cone as a partner in your charitable efforts. We look forward to reviewing your request and will respond as promptly as possible. Together, we can work towards a brighter, more supportive community for everyone.

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