What is #FlagshipFebruary? It’s about trying great beers

Great Beers to Try or Remember for Flagship February


As more beers enter the crowded marketplace and beer shelves, it’s easy to get lost in all of the hazy IPA, fruited sours, and light beers, losing sight of some of the beers that blazed a trail for today’s local, regional, and national craft brewers.

Flagship February was thought up by Canadian beer author Stephen Beaumont and beer writer Jay Brooks. The pair began with a simple question: in a world of special releases and one-off limited beers, what about all those great beers that changed so many minds about craft beer?  The goal of #FlagshipFebruary, both the hashtag and the idea, is to encourage everyone who enjoys craft beer to stop and consider the great beers that may have been overlooked in favor of a limited, a seasonal, or just the latest and greatest.

This is a month for the beers that brought so many people into the world of good beer, and the good news is that they’re still as awesome as they used to be. And the best news is that if given the opportunity, they can continue to do change minds and open hearts to the world of great beer – all they need is a sympathetic ear for their story and an open-minded drinker.


Here are a few beers to try out for Flagship February and beyond:

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA



Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA: The beer that needed a new piece of equipment and a new hop to make it. When Sierra Nevada Brewing realized that the time-honored method for dry-hopping beer wasn’t the most efficient one, they designed a piece of equipment to revolutionize the process, and the Hop Torpedo and this beer were born! One of the first uses of the much-beloved Citra hop is this hoppy beast of a beer.

Allagash White Ale


Allagash White: The first beer that Allagash Brewing of Portland, Maine ever brewed – this homage to the classic wheat beers of Belgium was just the favorite of brewery owner Rob Tod. Rob began trying to sell this beer and he never knew just how far it would go. Now Allagash is a Top 50 craft brewer in the U.S. and Allagash has just re-entered the Florida market, so this beer should be available in beer stores, bars, and restaurants again!

Samuel Adams Boston Lager Bottle 2019


Samuel Adams Boston Lager: Samuel Adams founder Jim Koch used to travel the country looking for distributors for his Boston Lager with a briefcase full of ingredients in baby food jars to explain to distributors who were used to selling beers from Budweiser and Miller about using different ingredients from the light lagers everyone was used to. Simply seeing the beer poured from a bottle or tap let drinkers know that they were in for a different experience. Today, the beer tastes just as good as it did when Jim first sold it – only the beer landscape has changed.

Swamp Head Big Nose Can


Swamp Head Brewing Big Nose IPA: Gainesville’s first craft brewery built their reputation on the back of high-quality, innovative beer available anytime, but especially on an incredibly aromatic and hop-forward IPA called Big Nose. While the beer itself has not changed, many of the beers around it have. The good news is that Big Nose is still available anytime and anywhere Swamp Head’s beers are sold, and while the brewery has found a love of hazy IPAs, their anchor is still clear and malty with the same hop bite you remember.

New Belgium Brewing Fat Tire Amber Ale


New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale: Born from a love of Belgian beer after a fateful bike trip across Europe, it’s easy to forget that Fat Tire began in the founder’s basement and slowly grew in popularity until there was a fever pitch for the brewery to enter distribution in all 50 states. With so many Belgian-inspired beers in the market, it’s possible to forget this biscuity and slightly fruity amber ale that made New Belgium a household name. The great news is that Fat Tire is still available and still has the aroma and flavor that turned your head when you first tried it.


To find any of these great beers, head over to our Beer Finder to see where you can get your hands on these fine ales and lager!


What beer are you most excited about revisiting for Flagship February?

The Swamp Head Tailgate is coming to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium’s Gator Walk Village

Swamp Head Brewery is proud to partner with the University of Florida to bring the Swamp Head Tailgate to The Gator Walk Village on the North Lawn outside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium beginning this weekend (September 7th) for the game against the University of Tennessee Martin Skyhawks.

“Growing up in Gainesville and being a Gainesville brewery, we’re obviously super excited about partnering with our hometown team,” said Luke Kemper, owner of Swamp Head Brewery.  “We thought this would be a great experience for Gator fans, so we’ll be set up with plenty of beer, shade, music, and tailgate games before every home game.”

According to the University of Florida Gameday Initiatives website, the Swamp Head Tailgate will be a staple of “The Gator Walk Village.  The Gator Walk Village is host to a premium tailgate setup, along with Gator Walk and a designation spot for all Gators Fans with music, drinks, fun & food trucks. The Village, which opens at 3 p.m. on Sept. 7, is located on the North Lawn in between University Ave. and Ben Hill Griffin Stadium will once again expand this season, adding to the lively pregame atmosphere and entertainment surrounding the stadium.”  The tailgate will also feature food from local food trucks.  “The Official Swamp Head Tailgate will open between three-four hours prior to kickoff (depending on kickoff time) and close 45 minutes before kickoff. Fans of all ages can stop by the tailgate for shade, tailgate games, live music and more.”  There will also be water for sale at the water station located near the Swamp Head Tailgate.

Swamp Head Tailgate
The Swamp Head Tailgate is coming to Gator Walk Village at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium!

While the lineup of bands and food trucks will change for every game according to the university’s website, Swamp Head Brewery will proudly anchor the tailgate with their beer before every home game for the 2019 season.

The venue will be open to fans of all ages, with fans 21 and up being allowed to purchase beer prior to the game.

For more information about the Swamp Head Tailgate including a map to its location, please visit the University of Florida’s Gameday Initiatives website.