Team Cone signs deal to distribute Oyster City Brewing Company in nine counties

Oyster City Brewing Company of Apalachicola adds nine counties to their distribution footprint in a distribution agreement with Cone Distributing (Team Cone).

Apalachicola’s craft brewery will now be distributed in (alphabetically) Alachua, Bradford, Citrus, Columbia, Gilchrist, Hamilton, Hernando, Suwannee, and Union counties with Team Cone.

Oyster City Brewing Company image

“Oyster City already has some great distribution partners, and we are extremely excited to add Team Cone to that list,” says Clayton Mathis, Oyster City Brewing Company’s Director of Operations. “Team Cone approached us with a clearly defined plan of brand enhancement with the goal of making sure our beer gets into the hands of as many people as possible. We believe strongly in our product, and it was easy to see Team Cone reflects that same belief.”

“I recognized that the outstanding beer I tried from Oyster City Brewing Company would be loved by drinkers throughout our distribution footprint,” says Team Cone president Doug Cone. “All of us at Team Cone can’t wait to bring the beers and the story of Apalachicola’s craft brewery to the people of these nine counties.”

Team Cone will be distributing Oyster City Brewing Company’s award-winning Hooter Brown Ale in addition to core beers Apalach IPA, Mangrove Mango Pale Ale, Tates Helles Lager, and Mill Pond Dirty Blonde beginning on Monday, August 17th.


Oyster City Brewing Company logo small


About Oyster City Brewing Company
Oyster City Brewery opened in 2014 in the historic town of Apalachicola, Florida.
Where the river winds south and the gulf creeps toward it, here, where they touch, something happens. The salt and the fresh meet and the water teems with life. Where pieces of the river and the gulf migrate into each other, life is formed. Not simply two parts anymore, but a new body, a new language. Our life. Our body. Our language. We are made by this particular piece of water.

Summer Driving Tips from our CDL Trainer and Safety Officer

June is National Safety Month and just in time for summer, our Corporate Safety Officer and CDL Trainer Dan Yero is back to give us some timely traffic tips. Any one of these items could have a significant impact on drivers of large commercial vehicles. Here are five items to keep in mind for your vehicle in the Florida summer:

Summer Driving Tips and Beer Truck pic


Be vigilant with your driving. Children are out of school for the summer and have free time on their hands. Drive with caution, especially around residential and retail areas where children could be playing at any time of the day.


Be vigilant about your vehicle, especially the coolant levels. When you inspect your vehicle before a trip or if you suspect a problem, make sure your coolant levels are where they need to be to prevent overheating and causing a breakdown situation.


The roads are hot, and this could affect your tires. Make sure that your tires have the proper inflation levels to avoid blowouts and the proper tread depth to avoid hydroplaning. Remember that you should have at least 4/32 of an inch of tread depth on steering tires and 2/32 of an inch of depth on other tires.


Beware of low-hanging tree limbs. Summer storms or even showers can saturate branches and cause tree limbs to hang lower than normal. A limb that was always taller than the truck could at any time be too small to clear. Summer brings wind and rain, and that affects tree limbs, too. Summer storms knock down limbs and throw them around. Tree limbs can prove troublesome on the side of the road or obstructing the road after a storm. Vehicular impact with tree debris could cause damage to your vehicle, damage to your tires, loss of control, or injury to the driver.

Car windshield looking at a truck


Watch for puddles in your path. Even the RMS Titanic may not have thought much about the iceberg until after impact. There is no telling how deep a puddle truly is from a distance, and the results can be unpleasant. The same puddle that was shallow yesterday could have expanded after numerous vehicles have passed over it. Use caution around water, especially at highway speeds.


An alert driver is prepared for the road ahead and has the best chance to avoid obstacles. Please drive carefully, no matter the vehicle that you operate and that includes no distracted driving. Remember that safety is no accident.

National Cheese Day pairings from cheese’s best friend – BEER

National Cheese Day is here again (it’s celebrated each year on June 4th) and although it’s an unofficial holiday, it’s one that is best celebrated with a nice charcuterie board and a few glasses of cheese’s best friend: beer!

Few flavors pair as naturally with cheese like good beer, and for 2020’s National Cheese Day, we have a few suggestions for your cheese-pairing delight:


Cheese Pairing: Swamp Head Brewery Wild Night with Wensleydale Yorkshire Apricot



Swamp Head Brewery Wild Night Honey Cream Ale and Wensleydale Creamery’s Yorkshire Wensleydale & Apricots cheese: The sweetness of Swamp Head Brewery’s Wild Night Honey Cream Ale matches well with the creamy English cheese from Wensleydale. The blend of apricots in the cheese provides a slightly tart counterpoint to the beer. The light body and sweet finish in the beer dance well with the fruit in this mild cheese both finishing with a sensation that the blend of the two is greater than the sum of their parts.



Funky Buddha Floridian Hefeweizen with Publix Honey Goat Cheese




Funky Buddha Floridian and Publix Deli Honey Goat Cheese: The phrase “goat cheese” can conjure many different images in the listener’s mind, but this particular goat cheese is mild with a honey sweetness that cuts through the flavor profile of the cheese and pairs well with a hefeweizen like Funky Buddha Brewery’s Floridian. The light orange and sweetness of Funky Buddha’s signature beer leave plenty of room for the cheese to express the honey and some mild funk while making it a bit sweeter in the end and blending the final flavors wonderfully.



Sierra Nevada Pale Ale with Yancey's Fancy Hatch Chile Cheddar



Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Yancey’s Fancy Hatch Chile Cheddar Cheese: Whenever a cheese contains peppers of any spice level, it screams out for a hoppy ale to accompany it, and this duo is no exception. Yancey’s Fancy Hatch Chile Cheddar is from a wonderful creamery in New York that does this particular cheese well – it is not overly spicy, it simply has notes of earthy hatch chiles. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale brings the hops to the party which provide a bitterness that can cut through some of the vegetal pepper notes and bring in the caramel flavors, too. The end result has sweet character from the Pale Ale’s malted barley, some sharp notes from the chiles, and bitterness from the beer that allows the sharpness of the cheddar to join the flavor of the pairing as well.



Coppertail Brewing Unholy Trippel with Tennessee Whiskey Bellla Vitano



Coppertail Brewing’s Unholy Trippel with Sartori’s Tennessee Whiskey Bella Vitano: This pairing may seem a bit counter-intuitive, but trying will eliminate any doubt. Coppertail’s Unholy Trippel brings in some slight earthy character and an American hoppiness that just gets to the heart of the cheese. The Whiskey Bella Vitano has a great deal of vanilla character that just gets to the heart of the Unholy Trippel, with the hops leading everyone to the dance floor. The final flavor is an unusual but intriguing mix of funk from the Trippel, sweetness from the whiskey aging, and creaminess from the cheese.


Whatever your favorite flavors, we invite you to try a new cheese and pair it with a beer of your choice, looking for the best out of the pairing. Click here for our beer finder, where you can find your next favorite beer.



About National Cheese Day
June 4 is National Cheese Day. Not to be confused with other popular cheese-related holidays like grilled cheese day, cheesecake day, or mac and cheese day. This day is in reverence of the queen of all dairy, the big cheese.

Celebrate National Cheese Day by indulging in cheese and/or charcuterie, preferably with friends. For more information on National Cheese Day, including multiple fun facts about cheese, please click here.

Support your local restaurants and breweries during COVID-19

Team Cone is proud to do business with the fine bars, restaurants, and stores throughout our 22-county distribution territory. When we work to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital each year, many of these businesses help us in some form or fashion. These people and their employees are more than simply our customers, they are our friends.  Since Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has ordered bars and nightclubs to close and limited restaurants to takeout orders only in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, these businesses have been hit hard and many are now struggling to keep the doors open and support their employees.

Man eating takeout food and watching movie with a beer
Grab some takeout to enjoy with your favorite movie.


To help these businesses, we encourage our Team Cone teammates and the community at large – if you are considering ordering takeout, many of the restaurants on this list could really use that extra takeout order or that gratuity. These fine eateries and businesses are serving the same great food we’ve grown to love, the plates have simply changed to take-home containers.


Beers To Go Sign
Check with the bar – some may offer beer to go in growlers or crowlers.


We are posting a list of the bars and restaurants in our community (from Brooksville and Spring Hill to The Villages to Gainesville to Lake City to Tallahassee) that are still working to serve takeout orders. If you have any questions about whether a business is open, then please reach out to them directly, since the COVID-19 situation is changing rapidly.


This list is sorted by city. If you live in any of the 22 counties that Team Cone serves (complete list of our counties is here), you may search for your city or zip code. If you have any questions about using this list, then please use the form on our Contact Us page to reach out or email us directly at info at conedist dot com.

These are the businesses that many of us have asked for help, donations, and sponsorships for little league teams, school field trips, and fundraising nights. Now they are hoping that you will consider them when you need a break from cooking, a takeout dinner date, or just a change of pace in your quarantine routine. These local businesses are working hard to maintain their livelihoods in this challenging environment during COVID-19.

We ask you to please join our team and teammates in supporting these businesses during COVID-19 and beyond.

Support Local Business sign


Two Lane Brewing and Luke Bryan collaborate on Two Lane American Golden Lager

Country Music Superstar Luke Bryan and Two Lane Brewing Company bring you Two Lane American Golden Lager because “Every Two Lane Brings You Home.”

What is Two Lane American Golden Lager?
In crafting this light and enjoyable lager, brewers chose ingredients that evoke feelings of being at home – like a two-lane road back to places everyone knows. Classic beer ingredients like American barley and water from the Blue Ridge Mountains bring a crisp and flavorful taste of a beer you get when you’re most comfortable, most connected, and most yourself: the feeling of being at home.

Every Two Lane beer is brewed in Daleville, Virginia at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and Two Lane is proud to produce every can in a place that feels like home. Whether it’s the homegrown two-row barley and water from the Blue Ridge Mountains in our beer or the genuine love we have of country music, we strive to bring you feelings of home with every sip.

Two Lane American Golden Lager is crisp and clean with 4.2% ABV, 99 calories, and 3 grams of carbohydrates.

Luke Bryan collaborates on Two Lane American Golden Lager

Why Luke Bryan decided to collaborate with Two Lane?
Luke Bryan, wanted a smooth sippin’ beer with a satisfying taste to enjoy when kicking back at home with friends and family. Inspired by these moments, he collaborated to create Two Lane American Golden Lager, a modern take on an easy-to-enjoy beer.

As Luke himself says in a video posted on Two Lane Brewing Company’s Facebook page, “It’s called Two Lane because it’s perfect for the kind of places you’ll find at the end of a two-lane road – fishing holes, campsites, dive bars.  Places you and your friends can really feel at home.”

Check out the custom playlist that Luke has put together on YouTube for his Two Lane American Lager collaboration.

Watch Team Cone’s social media for dates that Two Lane will be available
Team Cone will be bringing cans of Two Lane American Golden Lager to stores and restaurants soon, so you can enjoy a Two Lane American Golden Lager and the feeling of home wherever the road takes you.  Keep watching Team Cone’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for more information.

Two Lane American Golden Lager

Team Cone donates over $105,000 to Saint Jude after 2019 fundraising campaign

Ocala- and Tallahassee-based beer distributor Cone Distributing (Team Cone) combined forces with community members throughout the company’s 22-county footprint to give $105,500 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 

“This was effort was truly from the team,” says Team Cone founder and president Douglas Cone, Jr.  “Hats off to our team and all they did to raise these funds. No event was organized and mandated. Each time we raised money, the effort started with one teammate saying, ‘I want to help.’ This truly was a team effort in 22 counties, and we could not have done it without our community and retail partners helping our teammates.”

2019 marks the eleventh year that Team Cone has hosted events and community activities throughout the 22 counties they serve to make a large donation to the hospital.  Team Cone’s business partners host events, collect funds, make donations, or work to support the company’s annual drive for St. Jude.

Planning and progress are already underway for Team Cone’s 2020 St. Jude fundraisers.  The company’s goal in 2020 is to continue the company’s legacy of community contribution by continually giving back with caring.

Team Cone Saint Jude 2019












Team Cone’s Saint Jude event leaders joined with the company’s leadership team to present the 2019 Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital donation check. Team Cone teammates (from left) Jim Anderson, Charlie Feagin, Wayne Johnson, Matt Goldsmith, Douglas Cone, Jr., Ty Chatterton, Charlie Ingrilli, Steve Hayes, and Jason Baas (Steve Beckwith not pictured) all organized, executed, or worked fundraising events for Team Cone.


Team Cone Logo No Background




About Cone Distributing
Founded by Douglas P. Cone, Jr. in 1985, Cone Distributing (Team Cone) began doing business by selling five brands of beer in four rural counties. Two years later, the company began expanding and has not stopped since, building the largest geographic footprint in Florida for a beer distributor. Today Team Cone sells beer from over 40 suppliers in 22 counties from a state-of-the-art facility in Ocala and a warehouse in Tallahassee. Cone Distributing’s goal is to operate a World Class company, distinguishing itself by doing the Right Thing the Right Way All the Time.

Beer Can Appreciation Day – Ten facts about beer cans

While beer cans are wildly popular on Fridays, this particular Friday happens to be the day in history when the first beer can was sold, so it is remembered as Beer Can Appreciation Day. While beer cans have undergone many changes in style and structure, cans have made it possible to enjoy a beer in ways and places that glass simply cannot go.

Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale

Since it’s Beer Can Appreciation Day, and what better way to mark this celebration than with facts about America’s favorite beer-holding vessel?  How many of these did you know?

Did you know:

  1. Beer cans were first invented in 1935. Krueger’s Finest and Krueger’s Cream Ale were first sold in cans in Richmond, Virginia.
  2. Beer cans chill down faster than bottles.
  3. Beer cans are the most recycled packaging materials on earth.
  4. Beer cans are preferred by most brewers because they help keep out two of beer’s worst enemies: light and oxygen.
  5. Cans are better for brewers’ and consumers’ wallets – they are lighter and cost less to transport than bottles.
  6. While beer bottles have always outsold beer cans, 2022 could be the first year where beer cans dethrone their glass brethren from the #1 spot.
  7. Beer cans, at one time, were capped with bottle caps. As a transition between bottling equipment and canning equipment, manufacturers made it possible to seal a beer can with bottle caps.
  8. One large keg of beer (a half-barrel of 15.5 gallons) contains the liquid of 165 twelve-ounce cans of beer.
  9. In 2018, the United States beer industry sold over 2.8 billion cases of beer.  That’s more than 67 billion 12-ounce cans of beer!
  10. The state of Florida produced enough beer last year to sell 2.3 gallons (or roughly 24.5 cans) of beer to every resident of legal drinking age.


Blue Moon Light Sky

Coppertail Free Dive IPA on ice

What are the best ways to celebrate Beer Can Appreciation Day?

Enjoy beer from a can! Whether you enjoy local craft beer like Infinite Ale Works Trails or Lake Tribe Red Cloud, national craft beer like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or Samuel Adams Boston Lager, or a drinkable lager like Miller Lite – crack one open and savor the flavor.

Check out beer in slim cans! Beers like Blue Moon Light Sky are brand new to cans and available in one of the newest types of cans: slim cans.

Appreciate the art on a beer can’s label! Check out the unique art of beers like Coppertail Brewing’s Free Dive IPA cans with art by artist Evan Harris, Swamp Head Brewery’s eco-themed art on their Stumpknocker (or any other) cans, or the turtle-themed adventures of Terrapin Beer Company’s Hopsecutioner or Up-Hi IPA cans.

When you’re finished with the can, recycle it and revel in one of the finest attributes of the can.

However you decide to celebrate Beer Can Appreciation Day, we hope it’s with one of these wonderful vessels in your hand!  Cheers!


Team Cone holiday schedule update 2019

Team Cone Holiday Schedule









To our valued customers and teammates,

Team Cone will be adjusting our operating hours during the week of December 23rd in order to give our teammates Christmas Day, December 25th to spend with their families.

We will be following the schedule below and working a day ahead, beginning on Sunday, December 22nd.  This schedule will apply to both our Sales Team and our Delivery Team.


If your normal SALES DAY is:

Monday, December 23rd


Tuesday, December 24th Wednesday, December 25th Thursday, December 26th Friday, December 27th Saturday, December 28th
Your sales representative will visit on:

Sunday, December 22nd


Monday, December 23rd


Tuesday, December 24th


Thursday, December 26th


Friday, December 27th


Saturday, December 28th


If your normal DELIVERY DAY is:

Tuesday, December 24th Wednesday, December 25th Thursday, December 26th Friday, December 27th Saturday, December 28th

Your delivery will come on:


Monday, December 23rd


Tuesday, December  24th


Thursday, December 26th


Friday, December 27th


Saturday, December 28th

As always, if you have any issues or concerns, please contact us via telephone, email, or website, or reach out to your Team Cone teammate.

We thank you for helping us make this adjustment so that we can give our hard-working teammates time with their families. We are grateful for your continued understanding, and we wish you a happy, safe, and peaceful Christmas and New Year’s season.



Team Cone Management