Terrapin Beer is now brewing with solar power

Sep 13, 2019

Since the beginning of the company Athens, Georgia’s Terrapin Beer Company has been making beers that love the outdoors and can go anywhere.  (Don’t believe it?  Follow the hashtag #TakeTerrapin.) Recently, the brewer has formed an alliance that will use solar power to offset the energy used to brew Terrapin’s beer (roughly 30% of total energy consumption), according to a recent article in MillerCoors’s Behind the Beer Blog.

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“Terrapin’s sustainability efforts, dubbed Terraprint, encompass the brewery’s consideration for its effect on the local watershed, energy use, soil quality and other resource consumption. Among its other sustainability initiatives:

  • Terrapin was the first craft brewery in Georgia to package its beer in recyclable aluminum cans, and all of its cartons and case boxes are made of recycled material and are 100% recyclable.
  • The brewery installed a wastewater pretreatment facility that mitigates strain on its municipal treatment plant and ultimately contributes to improved quality of the local watershed.
  • It also saves water with equipment that captures condensate within its steam line and via the implementation of a new clean-in-place system on brewing and fermentation tanks.
  • It has installed LED lighting with automated sensors in its warehouse and high-efficiency on-demand boilers in the brewery.
  • Terrapin has instituted a no-idling policy across its Athens campus.
  • The byproduct from the brewery’s wastewater pretreatment facility is composted and returned to the brewery landscape for beautification, plant health, and erosion mitigation.
  • And its Ales for Trails program helps enhance outdoor experiences in the communities where Terrapin is sold.

“Every decision we make at the brewery has an effect, and we continue to look for opportunities to be better,” [Terrapin President Dustin] Watts says. “A lot of people make beer, and these days a lot of people make good beer. We want to stand for something bigger than beer.”

Terrapin Beer Company’s beers – Like Up Hi IPA, Hopsecutioner IPA, Luau Krunkles IPA, and seasonal beers like Jazz Cabbage Hemp-Infused IPA are available throughout Team Cone’s 22-county distribution footprint.


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Terrapin Beer Company calls their carbon footprint their "Terraprint"