Lake Tribe Brewing Company Red Cloud IPA

Lake Tribe Red Cloud IPA

Lake Tribe Red Cloud is a very hop forward IPA with lots of pine and earthiness. Each sip is like a brisk walk through the woods.

Let this beer warm up a bit, and you'll notice some citrus notes come out of hiding. Loaded with hop flavor and only a moderate amount of bitterness for an IPA, by adding nearly all of the hops at the last minute.

The malt bill has just enough caramel malt to give it a signature red hue and with a dash of rye to add a subtle spiciness to play off of the hops. Unfiltered with the bold cloudiness of an IPA and in the Chief's favorite style, this beer practically named itself.

American IPA
Brewing Company
Lake Tribe Brewing
Brewed in
Tallahassee, FL